About me

Hey, I’m Nicolas, a software engineer. When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher, and before that, an inventor. If you believe in personality types, I’m an entertainer (ESFP) at the moment.

I’m involved in the programming community through speaking, writing, and sharing code. I wrote on Getaround’s tech blog and on Synbioz’s one. I was the organizer of a local group where met and talk about software once a month. I had the opportunity to be a speaker and facilitate workshops, both on software testing and agile product development.

I started my professional career a decade ago, working with pseudo-real-time systems. Since then, I mostly build web applications.

That’s for the What, but there is also the How… I’ve been working remotely, within more and more distributed teams, since 2011. Async and writting is taking more and more space in what I do and it’s something I enjoy and value. That being said, collaboration sometimes need more bandwidth and I love pair-programming, brainstorming, or playing games in sync.

Previously, I was working at Getaround EU as a backend developer. Now, I’m working at Alan as a “full stack” Software Engineer. Even with a full-time job, I might still be available fo us to work together.